SEGA Teases New Yakuza

Yakuza 3 released last week in North America after fans demanded the title’s localization. Now its sequel, Yakuza 4, is getting very close to its Japan release of March 18th,  2010. But just because two Yakuza titles have recently been released doesn’t mean SEGA can’t tease a new one.

Indeed, at a recent Yakuza 4 event in Tokyo, SEGA surprised all when it revealed a teaser trailer for the next game in the series. Codenamed “Project K”, the game will be once again produced by series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi.

The teaser trailer was focused on a new character – a young man – thought to be the main protagonist of the next game. The teaser began when it showed off the Kamurocho neon entrance sign, then cut to the new character. Between scenes of the city and the character, the following text flashed on screen.

  • The boy knew it
  • The graveness of the crimes he continued to commit
  • But the boy still doesn’t know
  • The cruel fate that awaits
  • Also, the boy knows
  • That fighting is his destiny

As the teaser ended, the final sentence showed was “A new challenge for Ryu ga Gotoku starts.” Ryu ga Gotoku, of course, is the Japanese name of Yakuza.

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