Kingdom Hearts: BBS Awakens in West with New Content

After what seems like an eternal ‘slumber’ in development, the latest entry into the ever popular Kingdom Hearts series is nearly upon us. Coming exclusively to the PSP(that is until Square Enix decides to port it to the consoles) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will launch this Summer in the US and Europe. The best part? Like many Square Enix titles outside of Japan, we will receive some oh so sweet new content for our patience.

Not only will we receive a top-notch Square Enix translation job, but it looks like we will receive new multiplayer modes and options, plus an extra boss who’ll probably be ten times more difficult than the last boss. Square Enix just loves doing that, don’t cha’ know.

It’s also rumored that ‘megaflare’ will be weakened and that some boss who were considered ‘too easy’ will be given a boost of toughness to make them worthy adversaries.. Yikes.

Although Square Enix ‘confirmed’ Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will be hitting this summer, an exact release date wasn’t mentioned. Once we find out, we will pass the news on to all of you Kingdom Hearts (including myself).