Skate 3 Thrashes with a Deep Roster of Great Skaters

When Skate was introduced, it was hailed the best skating game, triumphing over the languishing Tony Hawk’s titles. Now skating fanatics will be eager to find out more about EA’s latest installment in the Skate franchise. SKATE 3 will add more tricks and flips from its predecessor to make it one of the best skating titles in the market.

Electronic Arts has announced today that SKATE 3, the latest title in the award-winning franchise, will be in skating to North America on May 11th, 2010 and to European stores on May 14th.

Jason DeLong, senior producer of the title speaks about how the Skate IP has become such an impact in the gaming scene, and how Skate 3 will continue that:

Since the very beginning of the Skate franchise, we have captured the true essence skateboarding, be it from the feel of nailing that perfect trick, to the feeling of just hanging out and sessioning with your friends. For us, SKATE 3 is the culmination of this endeavor – the most connected, accessible and social skateboarding experience yet.

EA has also released a trailer of the game, view it below:


SKATE 3 will feature a deep roster of the world’s greatest skaters including several Thrasher Skater of the Year winners. Skate 3 will offer everything its predecessor did but more with darkslides and underflips, along with the all-new city of Port Caverton – a true skater’s paradise with unique districts, endless lines and all-new skate parks.

Are you skaters excited!?