New DJ Hero DLC Incoming With Huge Names

DJ Hero was a refreshing spin on the rhythm genre of games. But since its launch, the game has seen only two DLC releases. A third pack has just been officially announced, contains some huge names in the music industry, and will be available soon.

E & Jay - like PB & J?

Dubbed “The JAY-Z vs. Eminem Mix Pack,” it features these two prominent figures of hip-hop/rap and contains these three mixes:

  • “Shake That” by Eminem Mixed With “Show Me What You Got” by JAY-Z
  • “Without Me” by Eminem Mixed With “Encore” by JAY-Z
  • “Can I Get A…” by JAY-Z Mixed With “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

While the pack was already released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on Thursday, it will become available on the PlayStation Store on March 25th (next Thursday) for $7.99, and pushes the total DLC mixes for DJ Hero to 12.