Microsoft Promotes PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Last week, Final Fantasy XIII released in North America and Europe for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Some of you may have noticed that there was a huge marketing push for the Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIII. There were Microsoft branded commercials, an exclusive bundle, and plenty of magazine coverage. Microsoft’s newest piece of promotion has a very surprising twist.

Over the last week, Microsoft sent out newsletters to its users directing them to a FFXIII trailer on the official Xbox website. However, it turns out the video that was featured is actually composed of PS3 footage. This was obvious by the Japanese voice-over with English subtitles, as FFXIII was not released for the XBox 360 in Japan. The video is an expanded version of the trailer used to announce the Xbox 360 version of game at E3 in 2008. It is not known if Microsoft is aware of this mistake or not.