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EA Responds to Rumors of South Park Lawsuit

South Park recently aired it’s premiere of season fourteen, with a controversial episode titled Sexual Healing. The season premiere made it’s mark on the Tiger Woods sex scandal, going so far as to ridicule the golfer with his own game. Recently DailyInformer revealed that EA would be seeking legal action.  Electronic Arts responded to this rumor, the details are below.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 was parodied in the episode, giving some parodied details of the title, including a fighting sequence with the golfer and his wife. As funny as this episode was, it seemed as though one company didn’t like it – EA. The company was rumored to soon file a lawsuit on Trey Parker and Matt Stone, for definite copyright infringement. With the rumors lighting up the gaming and media world, EA has rightfully responded to the accusations of a lawsuit.

Wanting to know more on the situation, Joystiq contacted EA to get the real deal on the situation. The EA spokesperson who responded called the rumored lawsuit “nonsense”, evidently ending discussion once and for all.