Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Sneaks into PS Store

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker might just end up being the biggest title released on the PlayStation Portable this year. Hideo Kojima and Konami have realized this and will be offering both a UMD copy and a digital copy for all of your PSPgo owners out there.

Only one small problem with this good news at the moment: This only pertains to the Japanese release of MGS: PW on April 29th. Konami has yet to confirm if the US and EU releases will also be available on both formats. We would certainly like to think so, seeing as how the PSPgo needs all the digital releases it can get.

If you need more information about what was originally going to be ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’, then PlayStation LifeStyle is here to help. Looking to buy a PSP just for the Game? Then make sure you check out the MGS: PW PSP 3000 bundle here. Or you could always watch over 15 minutes of gameplay footage here and here.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker storms gamers on June 18th in the US and EU. You can bet you bottom dollar we will have our review up as soon as possible.