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Action-Filled MGS: Peace Walker Gameplay Sneaks Out

According to legendary developer Hideo Kojima, the sheer depth of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker could have made it into a PlayStation 3 title in the form of Metal Gear Solid 5. So as one could anticipate, the PSP title is expected to have an immense storyline and deep gameplay elements, which is showcased in a new action-packed gameplay video.

Judging by the new video released for MGS: Peace Walker, Kojima-san kids us not when he states that Peace Walker could have potentially been MGS5.

Hideo Kojima had mentioned that he would release ten gameplay-based videos for Peace Walker before the game’s release, and the first one has been revealed which includes over 8 minutes of gameplay featuring new levels and weapons.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker sneaks out on May 25th in North America and a May 28th release for the UK. Japan receive it on April 29th.