Hamsterball Jumps Through Its Cage

TikGames has announced its latest foray into PlayStation Network. The publisher of PSN games such as Smash Cars and Magic Ball are bringing you it’s newest developed title since 2008 – Hamsterball.

Announced today, Hamsterball will release this Thursday, promising a mix between Super Monkey Ball and Marble Madness. The game stars a “cute and unsuspecting hamster”, where there is only one goal in mind – to get to the finish. Hamsterball will be offering 2-player splitscreen, “7 player sumo”, and many single player levels. Of course, trophies will be included in the game, as well as unlockables.

[viddler id=717b1064&w=685&h=427]

Anatoly Tikhman, CEO of TikGames, had this to say on the exciting new PSN title.

“Hamsterball is one of those games that everyone will have a great time playing. It’s inviting, humorous, fun and delivers edge-of-your seat action. With great features like 2-player, split-screen Hustle Mode, players can compete to see whose hamster can scurry to the goal fastest. The game is packed with replay-ability as players discover a ton of unlockables and earn PlayStation trophies along the way.”

Check out our gallery below to take a peek at the screenshots for the Hamsterball, which hits March 25th, carrying a $9.99 price.