Top 5 Franchises Suited for PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move is certainly on the minds of countless developers and PlayStation fans. The new technology from Sony appears to outshine the Nintendo Wii motion controls, and offers many of the features of Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal. Since PlayStation Move’s recent introduction during the GDC event, we’ve already reported on a large portfolio of games which will support the technology at launch.  There are many more developers reportedly interested in it with reports of possible patches for software already available. We explore the deep reservoir of PlayStation titles to determine the top 5 franchises suited for Sony’s PlayStation Move.

Approximately 36 publishers at this point will be supporting PlayStation Move. Some of the first party games which will be incorporating the motion controls are SOCOM 4, LittleBigPlanet and Motion Fighter. Some of us are curious of PlayStation Move may be implemented into other titles.  We have compiled a list of the top 5 franchise candidates for PlayStation Move..

Ratchet & Clank

5) Everybody’s favorite PlayStation duo, Ratchet and Clank have always been a PlayStation owners for a treat with every installment in the colorful series. Ratchet and Clank Fututre: Tools of Destruction utilized the PlayStation SixAxis controller lightly but almost perfectly, so it would make sense if developers Insomniac are interested to take advantage of PlayStation Move for their next R&C game.

Fight Night

4) When PlayStation Move was officially revealed at the recent Game Developers Conference, there were announcements for an array of games which would support the motion technology. Some of the games were solely made for the motion controller, and one of them was ‘Motion Fighter‘. Fight Night could undoubtedly work in a similar fashion to Motion Fighter and with EA Sports having a great line-up for 2010, don’t be surprised if they incorporate the technology in an upcoming sports title.

Time Crisis

3) Time Crisis 4 made very good use and took full advantage of the Gun-Con 3 peripheral. Change camera angles, switch out weapons and control your character’s movement, the Gun Con controller has the full package. Time Crisis could contain identical resemblances to Socom 4 which will be using PlayStation Move; something which could fit in well with the PS Move controller’s add-ons – Kevin Butler shows how.

Warhawk / Starhawk

2) Warhawk was one of the first PlayStation 3 exclusives which made full use of the motion sensor-based PlayStation 3 controller, SixAxis. Developers LightBox Interactive certainly didn’t add a last minute appendage, but instead opting to make good use the motion controls.  With the fluidity and level of customization to suit ones preferences, there is a more than likely chance that ‘StarHawk‘ could replicate Warhawk’s motion attributes and give PlayStation owners yet another title to Move with.


1) That Game Company’s PlayStation Network title, Flower is one the highest rated, relaxing and visually awe-inspiring games to grace the current generation console era. It truly exemplifies the “Only on PlayStation” motto perfectly. Flower was primarily based around motion sensor, thus showcasing the qualities of the SixAxis controller. Everything within the game revolves around using the SixAxis. From gathering more roses pedals to every blade of grass being affected by the player’s speed. Although Flower has dominated game award events, including winning the coveted ‘Best Downloadable Game’, That Game Company had stated there will be no games before 2011. However, they are very interested in PlayStation Move stating that the controller has “great potential”, and you can bet that their next title will be using the technology.