Fat Princess Expands – New Maps, Screens & DLC Coming Soon

Sony’s Fat Princess received a warm reception for its quirky cartoon, dare I say cute, style meets ultra-violent medieval battles. This game is truly a marvel of creativity as it brings the best spin to capture the flag since there was capture the flag. Released back in the summer it has been some time since there have been any updates to this 32 player comical title.

There is a little “good news, bad news” for Fat Princess.  First the bad news, this 1.05 map pack patch will be the last for Titan Studios.  The good news is DLC is in development by Atomic Operations and we should hear some more news on this shortly.

“Sony was a fantastic partner during the original development of Fat Princess, a unique and ever-expanding franchise. We are proud to be working again with some of the strongest creative leaders in the gaming industry, dedicated to building award-winning gaming experiences. Fat Princess was one of Sony’s fastest-selling PSN chart-toppers, and we are now actively responding to feature requests from fans. The upcoming content will be the icing on the cake for players of this amusing and irreverent multiplayer game.”

– Chris Millar, CEO of Atomic Operations

As Worthplaying points out, this patch adds two more maps to the roster.  Candy Mountain and Frost Bite are both cold weather areas so you will have to careful of your environment. Slippery ice can lead you to a chasm of death and the water is cold enough to slowly kill you.  Each map feature the amenities you are used to in Fat Princes with a host of towers to take over and the trusty catapult.

If it’s been a while since you logged in you may have already missed out on New Pork and Brownie Town which were added to the map roster in a previous update.  If you haven’t already, check out our review of Fat Princess.