Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Going Offline on January 1, 2017

A free-to-play match-3 PlayStation Vita game that allowed you to unlock the PlayStation 3 version of Fat Princess by completing level 15, Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is going offline on January 1, 2017 at 12am PT, Sony has announced.

Effective immediately, you’re unable to make new in-game purchases in Piece of Cake. Come January 1, you’ll be unable to spend any earned or purchased gold for in-game items, earn access to a voucher for Fat Princess for your PS3 by completing level 15, or download the game from your library. You can, however, continue playing in offline mode until the game is removed from your Vita.

Released back in January 2015, we gave Piece of Cake a 7/10 in our review and said, “If you like match-3 puzzlers with some strategy thrown in, you’ll be back for more in no time.”

As for the iOS and Android versions of Piece of Cake, those are going offline on December 1, 2016 at 12am PT.

If you still want to play some Fat Princess, don’t forget that Fat Princess Adventures released late last year for PlayStation 4.

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