PlayStation LifeStyle Playlist 03/26/10

Yet another dreadful work week has passed, and with that, us gamers like to kick back and unwind by popping our favorite games into our favorite console. We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are no different. Find out what the PSLS staff will be playing this weekend, and share your very own weekend gaming playlist.

March is almost over and it has been a great month for games. With Yakuza 3, Final Fantasy  XIII, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, God of War III, MLB 10: The Show, Mega Man 10, and Just Cause 2 releasing this month, we have all been very busy this month playing games. Here’s what everyone will be playing the last week of such a busy month.

Anthony Severino – Editor in Chief

Ill be getting hands on time with PlayStation Move games, Red Dead Redemption, and whatever else is at PAX East. Look for hands on previews coming all weekend.

Joseph Peterson – Forum Administrator

I will be causing chaos in Just Cause 2, which has turned out to be my next gen San Andreas. Along with a little God of War III and White Knight Chronicles on the side.

Jonathan Leack – Editor

I’m playing God of War III on Titan Mode and trying to earn the platinum trophy. I gotta say that I absolutely love this game and can’t put it down. I might also hop on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for some online fun.

Josh Fernandes – Social Media Manager

I will be finishing up Just Cause 2 and writing the review for it. Once I’m done with that, I’ll try to work toward completing the game 100%. There are so many collectibles in the game, I’ll probably be working towards 100% completion for weeks. I’ll also try to experiment with the physics engine and see what kind of crazy stuff I can do in the game. You can watch the game live at

Kyle Phillips – Contributing Editor

I will be taking the plunge…and will be purchasing a PS3 Slim. Yikes. No more PS2 capabilities. Oh well. Assassin’s Creed 2, Dead Space and Fallout 3 will be accompanying my new PS3.

Paulmichael Contreras – Author

My PS3 shall see the end of GoW III, double XP on MAG, some LBP with those Sonic costumes, Battlefield BC2, and maybe some Red Faction: Guerrilla since I picked that up for $7. I’ll also be playing MLB 10: The Show on my PSP (review coming soon!). Too many games, not enough time!

Richard Allen – Managing Editor

I may pickup Just Cause 2, it looks like lots of fun.  I still have to finish my God of War III – Challange of the Titans, and perhaps grab the few last screen shots for my God of War III – Treasure Guide.  Definitely will check out the MAG DLC and maybe a little Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  I still have another run through Dante’s to finish, but he hasn’t received much attention since Kratos arrived.  My backlog grows!

Ryan Ordway – Technology Systems

I’m going to try to claw my way through Titan mode on GoW3 this weekend, then get back to some Ratchet and Clank: ACiT. I will probably also kick the tires of the new MAG trooper kit, I love the Raven APEX so I’m intrigued by the tweaked APEX. And it goes without saying there will be more MW2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Thomas Williams – Author

My weekend will consist of finishing up my Resonance of Fate review and then working on my Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing review. Plus a little bit of God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII thrown-in for good measure. Just don’t tell Cameron, ok?

Zak Islam – Author

Yet another busy weekend for gaming. Firstly, I’ll be continuing to destroy the Gods in God of War III. Taking it to new heights with Wakeboarding HD. A dose of FIFA 10 and then reliving Snake’s epic adventure in MGS4.

Steven Garcia–Author

I have a midterm on Monday, so…no gaming for me this weekend. I also have a sinus infection… God of War and MAG will have to wait…. 🙁

Dan Massi – Author

Finishing my replay of Heavy Rain. Then I may be going through God of War III on normal mode, as I want to face the incredible bosses yet again!

Sebastian Moss– Author

I’ll be catching some surf in Wakeboarding HD, pummeling deity’s faces in GOW III and trying to finally finish PixelJunk Eden without grinding my teeth into stumps.