God of War III – Treasure Guide

Kratos’ final chapter takes him from the depths of Hades to the heights of Mount Olympus.  Getting as many of the additional items will greatly aid you in your quest for vengeance.  Gathering all the little extras in God of War III presents a challenge.  There are ample secrets and this guide aims to help you find them all. Track down every Gorgon Eye, Phoenix Feather and Minotaur Horn as well all the godly possessions.  To make this as easy for you as possible we have documented and photographed each item.

Zeus’ Eagle – The Heart of Gaia

When you reach the heart of Gaia, climb up the vines *before* you move the large slab. You will find an area with drawings of Zeus’ childhood on the walls as well as Zeus’ Eagle.

Gorgon Eye #1 – The Realm of Hades

Just after the first blade grapple below the Hyperion Gate. It will be around the corner from the 2 Red Orb Chests, before climbing up the column.

Phoenix Feather #1 – The Depths of Hades

Right after you get the Bow of Apollo, near where you first encounter the dogs. Use the charge arrow shot to burn the Bramble above you. Then move the Bramble pot and use it as a heat vent for the Icarus wings. Glide to where the branches once were.

Minotaur Horn #1 – The Depths of Hades

Not far from the last feather. After you burn through some Bramble to reveal a save alter the very next room will have more Bramble immediately ahead of you. Located between a blue chest and a green chest. Burn it to reveal the item chest.

Gorgon Eye #2 – The Depths of Hades

Once you begin to scale the cliffs that are made up of ruins. Head all the way to the left before you complete your ascent. You will come across a chest behind a small clear waterfall.

Gorgon Eye #3 – The Three Judges

After you double grapple to the platform with the Three Judges of Hades keep heading to the left. Jump across the broken walk way and you will find the chest between two Red Orb chests.

Minotaur Horn #2 – The Three Judges

You can see this one from the save alter in the main area. After the trails you will go through a Hyperion Gate. Keep heading around and you will fight off some Minotaurs using the Bramble pots as explosives. Immediately to the right after the tunnel is another Hyperion Gate off camera. Head through there to find this chest.

Phoenix Feather #2 – Hades Arm Room

Upon completing the Bramble / Icarus Wings puzzle using the timed elevator a door will be revealed. Open it up to find the chest right beside a Red Orb chest.

Gorgon Eye #4 – The Forge

After speaking with Hephaestus head to the left past the pool of water. There is a locked door with a chest immediately to the left of it.

Phoenix Feather #2-A – Hades Palace

In the chamber with Hades’ statue with the moving arms and Persephone’s casket, go to the left and all the way down the hall.  Climb up the ladder and look to your right.  There is a feather chest behind the helmet of Hades.

Hades Helm – Hades’ Throne Room

After defeating the lord of the underworld you have the ability to swim the River Styx. Dive down to the floor of the river to find the helm.

Gorgon Eye #5 & Minotaur Horn #3 – The City of Olympia

After passing through the door of Olympia you will have to use Harpies to cross two chasms. After crossing the second chasm, grab another Harpy and direct it to the right and up. You will find one Red Orb chest book ended by the item chests.

Helios Shield – The City of Olympia

After grabbing up Helios’ head, immediately to the burning chariot’s right is his shield.

Minotaur Horn #4 – The City of Olympia

Due south of the shield walk toward the near right corner of the platform. You should notice a particulate distortion aka “gold dust”. Shine the head in that area to reveal the chest.

Gorgon Eye #6 – The Path of Eos

A few dozen paces before the save alter on the left hand side in a dark alcove. A flash with the Helios head will reveal the chest.

Phoenix Feather #3 – The Path of Eos

When you get to the point that you have to use a rope to cross the chasm, drop down the ledge first. Climb to the bottom for a Red Orb chest as well as the feather chest.

Gorgon Eye #7 – The Path of Eos

After you cross the chasm by means of the Harpy you will go up a small hill where some Bramble pots and the large chain become more visible. Immediately ahead of you is a pair of Blue and Green Orb chests. To the right of that you should see some scaffolding you can destroy. Behind that is some gold dust. Point the head of Helios in that direction to reveal the chest.

Phoenix Feather #3-A The Path of Eos

From the previous chest, immediately after you cross the bridge with the two wraths on it and the archers shooting from the back. It is in a nook to the left, just left of the Blue and Green Orb Chests. You won’t see the chest, but you will see an “R1” prompt on the screen.  Hold R1 to open the chest containing another feather.

Phoenix Feather #4 – The Path of Eos

After you make you way up the chute via the Icarus Wings you will hit the lava Titan and continue you ascent. During the cylindrical platforming, you will go through a couple of grapple points as well as some more climbing. Eventually you will be making your way to the right and reach a platform with some gold dust near a potted flame. Use Helios’ head to reveal the chest.

Minotaur Horn #5 – The Caverns

The very first wooden platform that you land on will have some gold dust in the near right hand corner. Shine the light of Helios on it to reveal the chest.

Gorgon Eye #8 – The Flame of Olympus

When you reach the flame do not immediately walk up to it. You can go around the circumference of the room and illuminate the paintings. On the opposite side of the room is the other chain and some gold dust to the left of it. Shine Helios’ head on the gold dust to reveal a small room with three Red Orb chests and the eye chest.

Hermes’ Coin – The Olympian Citadel

After you race with Hermes and topple the Athena statue you can find his coin to the right of her head just in front of you.

Phoenix Feather #5 – The Olympian Citadel

You will cross a bridge in the rain after doing some Prince of Persia style platforming. The you will need to Hermes run across the orate Greek architecture to a balcony. In the corner ahead of you is some gold dust. Shine the light of Helios to reveal the chest.

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