PlayStation Move Lets you Control the XMB Minority Report Style

Last night, the PlayStation Blog held a PAX East meet-up for anyone in the Boston area to attend. 300+ rabid PlayStation fans showed up for hands-on time with the PlayStation Move. At the event there was 5 PlayStation Move demo kiosks set up for people to try out the upcoming PS3 motion controller and some of the software. However, the PlayStation Move wasn’t only being used to control the software…

When Richard Marks decided to switch to another demo, he had to first quit the game, and enter the XMB. Once at the XMB we quickly noticed he was scrolling through the XMB by waving the PlayStation Move. No Dualshock 3 or PlayStation Move sub-controller was present, so there definitely wasn’t any d-pad being used. Unfortunately, this look at how the Move controlled the XMB was short lived, as he quickly fired up another demo for the massive crown to get their hands on.

We also managed to grab a video of a 15-minute live demonstration with Dr. Richard Marks showing off the PlayStation Move’s abilities. Check it out HERE.

Later tonight we’ll be posting our complete hands-on impressions of PlayStation Move and some of its upcoming software.