PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 Now Live

Firmware Update 3.10 was recently announced for the PlayStation 3, including improved social network connectivity and general interface improvements. The system update for the console is now live.

by Sebastian Moss
November 18th, 2009

PS3 Firmware 3.0: Hands On With BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a video streaming and downloading service that allows UK citizens to watch BBC shows online a mere 1 hour after it has shown on television for up to 7 days as well as having the ‘Series Stacking’ feature which allows viewers to watch previous programmes from selected series until the series has ended, with a limit of up to thirteen weeks after first broadcast. While the service came under heavy criticism, with the development costing well over £6million and with running costs estimated to be as high as £830 million, BBC iPlayer has become a highly requested feature among UK gamers.

by Sebastian Moss
September 1st, 2009

Firmware 2.41 brings (hidden) enhancements

Along with the major enhancement – you know, the one that prevents your PS3 from bricking – PS3 Firmware 2.41 also includes some other minor enhancements. I haven’t been home to download the new firmware today, so this reporting is based on many other people’s reports. I just wanted to put it together in one place.

by StalkingSilence
July 8th, 2008
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