Possible Future For The XMB?

Written by BigPete7978
Change Is Good
Change Is Good

This is by no means an official announcement from Sony or anything to that nature. But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t one hell of an idea from a friend of mine that has been working on this idea for quite some time. His name is Azuske, and the idea is relatively simple. We already can fully customize how our icons look within the themes that we implement, but what about a fully customizable user interface? Give the user complete control over what they want as an interface. This would not only create more customization available to the user, but it would give PS3 owners more of a sense of ownership. The full discussion and pics follow:

Here is the discussion and main gist of the idea at hand.

Themes are good and all and some do like the XMB the way it is but many wish for the playstation 3 to be truly customizable…

To be able to go beyond the limits of the XMB and create your own interface to navigate from…

Even if its not possible for the In-Game XMB to be customizable like this you can atleast give everyone the option to change the

Main XMB and make the PS3 Truly ours… Everything from Sounds, Custom Interfaces, New Visualizations for Music, and even

True 3D HD XMB’s that take advantage of some of the playstation 3’s power…

If the PSP can do it than the PS3 can do so much more right?

These pictures below are from the PSP Mods but why should we need to hack and/or mod to get the features we want?

This is the difference between a Theme…. and True Customization

EDIT: I dont mean replace the current XMB what i mean is to give us the option to create custom “UI”. Like a new option under the settings for customization and two options UI Themes & XMB Themes

Here are some current representations of the custom UI on the PSP:

Now here are some concept shots of possible custom UI’s on the PS3:


Personally I think this would be a great idea and allow for the creativity to come out of every PS3 user out there. What would be even better is if they could be installed with the same simplicity as the themes we currently install. That way they could be shared and distributed over the internet like the themes are now. Remember guys this is not an announcement, just fan made ideas. What do you all think?