PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 Now Live

Firmware Update 3.10 was recently announced for the PlayStation 3, including improved social network connectivity and general interface improvements. The system update for the console is now live.

Weighing in at about 23MB the update brings built-in Facebook functionality, that includes automatic posts to your account’s feed when you earn new trophies or make a purchase or download from the PlayStation Store, to the PlayStation for the first time. Additionally the much loathed “white box” friend list has been updated and revamped to include a colored background (which is determined by the owner of the ID) as well as now only showing the color of the friend that is selected. Another improvement is a new grid-based view of the photos that are saved on the console, allowing for an easier way to find the photo you are looking for.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for any more news on the Firmware Update as well as other PlayStation news.