New XMB Concept is Sleek, Clean, and Fantastic [UPDATE]

The XMB gets generally positive feedback from the PlayStation community. Having said that, though, there are some features that many gamers would like included. There have been many XMB concepts, including new features, and these latest ones look like the sleekest and cleanest yet.

TheSixthAxis recently spoke to artist Caemgen (PSN), a user on Neogaf. Caemgen has posted his latest work, an XMB redesign. The redesign isn’t huge, like some concepts, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look incredible. This new concept shows tweaks to various areas of the XMB.

The PS3 invite system has been quite nitpicked since in-game XMB began. When a friend sends you an invite for a game, you’ll have to open the XMB, scroll to your message box, open the inbox, select the message, then accept the invite–a somewhat clunky process. PSN user Caemgen decided to take the Xbox 360 route on this one, offering a simpler way to accept invites. Another new feature he added to the concept was a new box beside your friend list. This new box gives the latest snapshot on their PlayStation Home avatar, and trophies earned in the past week.

What’s your opinion on this XMB concept? Post your comments below!

[UPDATE] New, larger images added.