The Storm Picks Up on God of War Secret Website

The storm is picking up, the rain is getting heavier, and the sky is getting darker. No, we are not reciting a poem, but something even better. God of War, the hack n’ slash series from Sony Santa Monica, has been on everyone’s minds lately, and not just because of the recent release of God of War III. Last week, anyone dedicated enough to attain the coveted Platinum Trophy were treated to a link to a mysterious website. When it began, the site was merely a rain storm and what appeared to be a timer. As time progressed, and more people saw the “Spartans Stand Tall” page, speculation began to build.

Now, the speculation will surely mount from here. The Spartans Stand Tall webpage has been updated for the first time, revealing a harsher rainstorm that would even make Heavy Rain jealous. Also, the “counter” is now more full than before, encircling half of it.

Last Week


Theories have arisen speculating that this counter could be for a new God of War title, with Kratos supposedly facing his mysterious brother. These theories could be backed up by the God of War Collection, when viewing the video Birth of the Beast would net you a “Legend of the Twins” Silver trophy. The story detailed Kratos and his brother, who was exiled for being weak, and was forced to live on his own. Because of this, Kratos’ brother seeks revenge on him, for abandoning him. Ironstar Movement notes that Gaia narrates the story, who knows all of Kratos, so, is it possible she knows about his brother as well? Others theorize that this page is simply counting down to the first DLC for God of War III.

Going back to the counter, we believe that this is either a countdown that is time-based, or has something to do with the amount of Platinum Trophies players are earning. If that’s the case, then help the cause to get this secret revealed, and use our trophy guide.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the full reveal of Spartans Stand Tall soon.