God of War III Platinum Reveals a Secret Website

If you’re a huge God of War fan, then chances are that you’ve already received your illusive Platinum Trophy for God of War III. Not only is the trophy good to show off, but it also reveals to you a link to a cryptic new webpage.

By earning the Platinum trophy in God of War III, Kratos’ newest adventure, a link will be given to a secret new webpage. The webpage is part of the God of War website, and is titled “Spartans Stand Tall”. It’s possible that this new webpage could be for rumored DLC for GOWIII. However, Joystiq points out that the last God of War title, Chains of Olympus, was revealed the exact same way. When a certain achievement was unlocked – in this case, a 999 999 hit combo – a link to a website was revealed in God of War II. The link lead to an unheard website, IslandofHordes.org.

The new Spartans Stand Tall website only contains of what appears to be a rainy cliff side. A symbol in the top right corner stands out the most, but is unknown at this point.

Could this be a new God of War title? Or perhaps it’s DLC for God of War III?