God of War III – Trophy Guide

Want to get every trophy in God of War III? Use our God of War III Trophy Guide, complete with treasure locations, tips to complete the Challenges of Olympus, and so much more…

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King of the Hill (Platinum)

Unlock All Other Trophies

-Unlock all other available trophies to get the Platinum.

Releasing the floodgates (Bronze)

Kill Poseidon

-Defeat Poseidon in the first boss battle of the game.

Burnt to a crisp (Bronze)

Acquire the Bow of Apollo

-Ride the Cerberus and make it burn the bramble with Peirithous inside, taking the Bow of Apollo

Mr. Hand (Bronze)

Discover the Secret ‘Hades Arm’ Room

-Located The Caverns of Hades, you’ll have to lower a metal grate, so that you can stand on it in front of a large door. Behind the large door is a room filled with Hades Arms. For further information, please visit our Treasure Guide.

Shine Lord (Bronze)

Kill Helios

-Located in the City of Olympia during the chapter titled ‘Olympia in Ruin’ you’ll come across Helios battered body. Kill him by tearing his head from his shoulders. If you played the God of War III E3 demo you’ll know exactly how to perform this task.

Shoe Delivery (Bronze)

Kill Hermes and Acquire his Boots

-After chasing Hermes down, attack him until the circle button appears over his head. Successfully perform the following quick time events and you’ll tear his legs off and steal his boots.

I Didn’t Do It… But I Wish I Did (Bronze)

Kill the Poseidon Princess

-Force the Poseidon Princess to hold the lever, it will then crush her as you proceed through the raised gate.

Ladies Man (Bronze)

Successfully Entertain Aphrodite

-Say yes to joining Aphrodite in her bed. Complete the following quick time events successfully to satisfy Aphrodite.

Handy Man (Bronze)

Sever Gaia’s Hand

-Successfully complete a series of quick time events to sever Gaia’s hand from her body.

Open sesame (Bronze)

Open the Gates of Tisiphone

-Open the Gates of Tisiphone, cannot be missed.

Rescue Me (Bronze)

Save Pandora

-This trophy is associated with the storyline and cannot be missed.

Three Wise Men (Bronze)

Solve the Puzzle of the Three Judges

-This trophy is associated with the storyline and cannot be missed.

Hit Man (Bronze)

Perform a 1000-hit combo

-This is by far the most difficult trophy to obtain and is going to most likely take much patience and many retries. The best place to attempt this is at ‘The Pit of Tartarus’ along your decent of the twisted hillshide at the beginning of the area. Lure a group of skeleton soldiers to Kratos’ and using the Hades Claws, attack with the Soul Rip move repeatedly and throw in a button combo if an enemy gets out of reach, but try and keep your attacks to the Soul Rip move only. Keep repeating until you have the trophy. Breath a sigh of relief, you earned it. Another great place to unlock this trophy is in the first phase of the Hercules boss fight.

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