Heavenly Sword Creators Developing Top Secret Project

United Kingdom based developers, Ninja Theory, are best known for creating the brilliant PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavenly Sword. They have been pretty silent since but now the team are now reportedly working on a top “secret project”.

Speaking with PS3Center during a recent interview, Ninja Theory’s co-founder Tameem Antoniades has said the team are working on a new project:

“We’ve just started pre-production on a new secret project. It’s a full scale, it’s a pretty big project.  It’s still top secret, but it’s gonna be awesome, obviously.

Tameem Antoniades also confirmed that the title will not be released digitally nor on handhelds. Inevitably meaning the firm are creating a fully-fledged current console game. The platform for the unannounced game is yet unknown, but with the company already having worked on the PlayStation 3, they could very be working on Sony’s console. However, keep in mind that the developers split from Sony Computer Entertainment after the release of Heavenly Sword.

Ninja Theory are developing simultaneously with another title, entitled “Enslaved”. The game is an upcoming tactical action-adventure game to be published by Namco Bandai Games.