The Forgotten Sands Collector’s Edition Goes Retro

Ubisoft recently released a new teaser video for the studio’s newest work into the long-standing Prince of Persia franchise, The Forgotten Sands. The video highlights some of the game’s unique features, but also reveals some details about the game’s Collector’s Edition. The exclusive bonuses alone are easily enough to warrant the added price of the limited edition.

The Collector’s Edition, which as of now is still only limited to Europe, includes the game, some exclusive in-game content, such as the survival mode and a few sand wraith Malik character skins, but also a code that can be redeemed on the PlayStation Store for the classic Prince of Persia. Pricing has not yet been determined.

Hopefully Ubisoft will give North American gamers this excellent collection of Prince of Persia merchandise, and release it stateside. Until then, we can only wait. The game hits retailers May 18th.

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