Show Spartan Pride with New God of War Posters

April 4, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

The God of War series is renowned for its graphic and brutal iteration of Greek Mythology. Many have commended the art style and design of the series’ huge epic worlds, and the merciless violence has offered thousands of “oohs” and “aahs”. Now a company has taken liberty to transcribe these memorable experiences onto wall posters for fans across the country.

Gallery Nucleus, a popular online art gallery story, is now selling God of War themed artistic posters. The posters include the infamous ripping of Helios’ head, the massive Three Judges area, as well as a beautiful rendition of Hades’ throne. These posters are small at 8″ by 10″ but are perfect for a variety of places in the home or office. Priced at just under $10, these great prints should sell out quickly.

Head over to Gallery Nucleus and pick up one of the three God of War themed posters now!