Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Trailer Arises From The West

April 7, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Red Dead Redemption is a title which certainly has a lot of hype and controversy surrounding it. Rockstar claims the game is more ambitious than Gran Theft Auto: IV, which will no doubt set gamers expectations high. The developers are now planning to showcase the game in cinemas and have also released an action-filled gameplay trailer.

Similarly to what Infinity Ward carried out for Modern Warfare 2, Red Dead Redemption will be Rockstar’s first game to be showcased during cinema adverts. The ad will be showcased during the Prince of Persia, Robin Hood and Iron Man 2 movies. Rockstar GM Neil Stephen said to MCVUK:

This is our most ambitious game to date and our biggest UK release this year. We are spending a larger proportion of our TV budget pre-launch than we ever have before to ensure Red Dead Redemption is established as a massive triple-A title.

For the first time as a company, we will be running an on-screen cinema advertising campaign. We think the cinematic nature of the game makes it a perfect fit for cinema and we will be executing a nationwide ad campaign targeting the audiences of Robin Hood, Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia.

The latest gameplay trailer, entitled: “Life in the West Part II” is below: