Red Dead Redemption Brings Free Roaming Multiplayer

April 9, 2010Written by Dan Massi

Rockstar Games, has kept their promise to gamers. The developer announced two weeks ago that Red Dead Redemption would get its multiplayer mode revealed in early April, and sure enough, here we are. Rockstar has officially revealed Red Dead Redemption’s first multiplayer mode, called Free Roam.

The Free Roam mode in Red Dead Redemption will give “players with the entire, massive open world of Red Dead Redemption, right at their fingertips.” The multiplayer mode can bring 16 players into the game world at once, and gives players the option of creating their own posses, which can grow to 8 people.

[youtube width=”685″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Red Dead Redemption hits May 18th in North America, and a few days later for a May 21st release in PAL regions.