Green Day: Rock Band a “Three-Album Game”, Getting No DLC

April 12, 2010Written by Dan Massi

Coming off of their dive into The Beatles realm, Harmonix is reading release of their latest music title, Green Day: Rock Band. On June 8th, gamers will be able to take control of the popular rock band, and play through three of their extensive albums. If you’re an extreme Green Day fan, however, there’s got to be some more of the band through DLC, right? Well, not quite.

The project lead for Green Day: Rock Band, Chris Foster, has revealed that there will be no downloadable content for the title. When asked by website PlasticAxe how Harmonix was doing DLC for Green Day: Rock Band, Foster announced that there will actually be no DLC.

How are you doing DLC? Are you planning to do it like The Beatles, where you have specific DLC for this game?

This is actually different. In this game we’re taking a different approach to performances: We’re building these crafted, linear sequences. One of the reasons we could do open-ended DLC for The Beatles is that it’s all tiny clips, and we could just reconfigure them for different songs as needed — and dreamscape backgrounds similarly had that. With this, we’re really creating sculpted experiences for every single song; there’s an animation that plays all the way through, pretty much. That’s something that’s not really practical to do open-ended. So we decided we were going to make DLC just about finishing 21st Century Breakdown, using the DLC that was already out. That created a great three-album game, and also let us give each of those [six DLC tracks] unique assets, more than we could easily pack into a DLC pack. Those songs have their own video-wall assets, their own [motion capture].

Green Day: Rock Band hits stores June 8th 2010.