Kojima Planning Next Game; Could be Zone of The Enders 3

April 12, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Hideo Kojima. The mere mention of his name is enough to get gamers excited. The iconic creator of the Metal Gear series has been very active on Twitter as of late, whether it may be posting what he ate for lunch, or revealing a gameplay video for Peace Walker. His latest statement should get everyone excited and undoubtedly spark a speculation frenzy.

The Metal Gear Solid creator posted via a tweet that he is thinking about his next game.

I’m thinking about the casting for my next title. The project plan still hasn’t reached a detailed level, but everything is advancing simultaneously in my head. Title, game design, story, characters, setting research, the mecha that appear, casting, graphic direction, sound, beginning and ending, the major story sequences. It comes together naturally in my head.

Another Metal Gear Solid title? Zone of The Enders 3?