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NCAA Football 2011 fumbles PSP Release

April 13, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Another year, another slew of EA Sports titles are released across every system known to man or close to it. EA Sports second biggest release behind the almighty Madden is none other than the NCAA Football series. There’s one problem this year though, as EA has decided against a PSP release, so you just might want to keep that copy of NCAA Football 2010 handy.

When EA revealed that Tim Tebow would be the ‘cover boy’ of NCAA 2011′, they also listed all of the consoles it would appear on. It caught IGN’s attention that among the systems listed that the PSP was surprisingly absent. IGN contacted EA and were simply told that our favorite handheld of choice would not be receiving the title, although the iPhone/ iPod Touch will. Heck, even the PS2 is receiving a version! This is a sad day indeed for PSP fans of the series.

It makes you wonder though..could this be a bad sign when a company like EA decides not to put one of their more popular (and exclusive) sports series on the PSP? Sure, NCAA Football 2008 didn’t hit the PSP as well, but with the monthly showing up around or at the bottom of the NPD numbers (except for in Japan, it’s ALWAYS in the top three there), it needs all the releases it can get.

NCAA Football 2011 arrives on the PS3 and PS2 this June. College Football fans make sure you don’t miss it as EA Sports promises the title will be on-par with Madden this year!