3D PS3 Update Makes Us Feel Blu

Sony has long proved to be one of the biggest supporters of bringing 3D to homes across the globe. It makes sense for the Japanese consumer electronics giant to do so, as they have their hands in nearly every possible device that could support 3D imagery. TVs, cameras, our beloved PS3, and even the Blu-Ray discs that will store the massive 3D movies, Sony seeks to profit on any and all of it.

Seeing as the PS3 has always been touted as being truly “future proof”, it comes as no surprise the PS3 will be able to support not only 3D video gaming, but 3D movies thanks to the PS3’s Blu-Ray drive. The PS3 firmware update for 3D gaming is coming this Summer to coincide with the launch of Sony’s 3D Bravia line-up. However, it seems as though those of you looking to beat the summer heat by sitting in your air conditioned house, “chilling out” while watching some 3D movies on your PS3’s Blu-Ray drive, are going to have to sweat it out a little bit longer.

Sony has revealed that unfortunately, even though a 3D gaming update for the PS3 is coming this Summer, an update for 3D Blu-Ray movie support on the PS3 is due out later in the year. This means you may want to buy one of the many available 3D Blu-Ray players already on the market, that is if you are eager for 3D movies and don’t feel like waiting for the PS3 to come around and update.

It’s not all bad news though, the PS3 will eventually get that 3D Blu-Ray update. Also to coincide the 3D gaming update, 4 of Sony’s past titles will get 3D support. Those games are Pain, WipEout, Super Stardust HD and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

Will you be buying into 3D this summer?