PSN Hackers May Have You In Their Sights

If you’ve logged into the PlayStation Network recently, it is highly probable that you’ve received messages in your inbox which contain a link to a supposed “PSN Code Generator Site” which promises free PSN cards and codes in exchange for you circulating the message throughout the PSN. Well, in an unfortunate series of events, it seems that this may actually be the work of individuals looking to gain access to your PlayStation Network account and personal information, with Dom Guerrera, a member of Ironstar Movement, serving as the first publicly recognized victim.

Guerrera apparently went to check his e-mail inbox where he found dozens of purchases and “funds added” confirmations from the official PSN notification system. So far there’s no word on exactly who is behind this, but rest assured that the messages contain a link to a keylogger.

I personally have received three of these messages, all from friends on my PSN list who didn’t even know one another, so this is definitely a widespread chain message. The contains a link to a “PSN Code Generator” with the user, usually a friend, letting you know that you’ll get a some free PSN card codes if you circulate the message. We highly recommend ignoring these messages and informing the sender that the link can and will compromise the security of his/her account.

Additionally, the messages themselves aren’t an account hack or special chain letter, these are real users who have been tricked into thinking that this scam is legitimate. So if you come across one of these letters, delete the message and alert your friends.