PSN 'Share Profile' Update PS5, PS App

PSN ‘Share Profile’ Update Rolling Out on PS5 and PS App

Sony has begun rolling out the new PSN ‘Share Profile’ feature on the PS5 and PS App. The server-side update began going live sometime early morning today alongside the Discord update, and might not be available to all players just yet.

How PSN Share Profile feature works on PS5 and PS App

Do note that you do not need to manually update your PS5 or your PS App. Since this is a server-side update, the feature will automatically be added to both. Those who log into their console or their app for the first time following the update will be greeted with a message telling them that PSN Share Profile is now live. If you’re not seeing this message or the feature, restart your console and/or the app.

PSN Share Profile is very simple to use. On the PS5, navigate to your profile page. Right next to the icon for Online Status setting is Share Profile, clicking which generates a QR code. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and share the link with your friends.

For those who have the PS App, click on your profile page, and you’ll see the Share Profile icon right below your username. Simply copy the URL generated and share away!