PS5 Discord update

PS5 Discord Voice Chat Update Is Now Live Globally

PS5’s new Discord voice chat update is now live across the globe. The console’s recent firmware update added support for the features, chief among which is the ability to join voice calls directly from the PS5.

PS5’s new Discord update detailed

Players will need to download the latest PS5 firmware update (version 24.04-09.40.00 released on June 13) and restart their consoles to access the new Discord features. You can then press the PS button on the console to display the control center and navigate to the Discord tab within Game Base.

As previously explained, players will be able to see other channel participants and will also receive console notifications if someone calls them directly, giving them the option to join right away.

Within the next few weeks, PS5 players will also get the ability to share their PSN profiles via a link or a QR code. The “Share Profile” option will be available both within the PS App and the console, so players in regions where the app isn’t available can still access the feature. The shareable link generated by going to “Share Profile” will allow recipients to add the sender on PSN as a friend with a simple click of a button.