Gran Turismo 5 Creator Will be Frustrated Once Racer is Completed

April 23, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Despite a release date still pending, Gran Turismo 5 has certainly come a long way. The popular franchise’s creator has been known for his attention to detail in past Gran Turismo titles. However, the head of Polyphony Digital believes he won’t be completely satisfied once the PlayStation 3 exclusive is completed.

Speaking to unofficial PlayStation magazine publication, PSM3, Kazunori Yamauchi stated that he will be left “angry” once development for Gran Turismo 5 finishes.

I’d probably be relieved [to finish development] in terms of having fulfilled my responsibilities, but I may be angry at the same time.

As it has been with all of the releases so far, I’m never fully satisfied with what I create.

It comes as no surprise that he won’t be completely satisfied with what he creates, due to the legendary developer stating on several occasions that after a game’s completion, he always feels there’s room for improvement.