Zipper “Fast-Attacking” MAG with Free DLC

April 23, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Grab your gun, pick your faction and get ready to step back into the fight as developer Zipper has a new Gear pack on the way for the low low price of FREE.  The “Fast Attack” Gear Pack will be available on the 29th of this month and should have every marksman out there rushing to complete the download.

The update will be adding three new sniper rifles

  1. Raven’s HM 90 SE
  2. SVER’s SASR M
  3. Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR

Each of these rifles include plenty of performance upgrades and visual changes, adding even more depth to the huge collection of guns already found in the game.  The update will also be bringing new armor into the fight with a new Improved Light Armor that will cost each player 400 in-game credits.

These great additions will be available when the PlayStation Store updates next Thursday the 29th.  See you on the battlefield soldier!