FromSoftware Continuing PS3 Exclusivity Trend

With the release of 3D Dot Game Heroes just around the corner, many PS3 owners are wondering what FromSoftware will be working on next. With 3D Dot Game Heroes and their last title, Demon’s Souls, both being exclusive to the PlayStation 3, it seems safe to assume that their next title, Another Century’s Episode: R, would only continue the trend.

Coming from the game’s recently updated website, a new CGI trailer has been released for Another Century’s Episode: R. On both the website and at the end of the new trailer, “PlayStation 3” is easily discernible. With this, and no sign of a competing console’s logo, it can be assumed that the game is heading to the PS3 exclusively. However, given the nature of the game, there is a good chance the game may never leave the shores of Japan. In any case, the CGI trailer deserves a viewing, and it can be seen below: