Pachter Confident Mass Effect 3 Will Come to PS3

April 26, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The Mass Effect series is probably the one franchise exclusive to the Xbox 360 that has PS3 owners drooling with envy. The critically acclaimed second installment in the series may not have arrived on the PS3, but that doesn’t mean the follow up, Mass Effect 3, couldn’t land on our favorite console in the future. At least according to Michael Pachter.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has stated that the first Mass Effect almost certainly wont be making its way to the PS3. However, he does not share the same feelings toward other installments in the Bioware franchise. Speaking during the latest episode of GameTrailers Pach-Attack, Patcher said:

“I have heard from Microsoft and I’ve actually heard from EA we probably won’t see Mass Effect 1 ever on PS3, I’m not sure that’s true of Mass Effect 2 and I’m certain it’s not true of Mass Effect 3, 4, 5 and 6.”

“I think you’ll see a Mass Effect game and extension of the franchise on PS3.”

Just like another 360-exclusive making a lot of headlines recently, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2 has been long rumored to be released on the PlayStation 3. The game even features PS3 code encrypted right onto the disc which sent rabid fanboys frothing at the mouth into a rumor-induced frenzy. Bioware have since confirmed that Mass Effect 3 is in development, but have not yet revealed which platforms it would be releasing for. Here’s hoping for Mass Effect 3 on the PS3. Let’s wait and see what E3 has in store for us.