ModNation Racers Visits inFamous’ Empire City

April 27, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

ModNation Racers is set to release later next month and when it does, expect PS3 owners ever where to be coming up with unique user-generated content they can Race. Create. Share. with others. To show off how detailed the level of customization is in ModNation Racers, Sony has been releasing ‘Artist Spotlight’ videos featuring top Sony developers giving their thoughts on ModNation Racers. David Jaffe “swears” by the kart-racer, now it’s Sucker Punch’s turn.

In the third video of the ‘Artist Spotlight’ video series, inFamous’ Lead Designer, Nate Fox shows just how fun and accessible the creation tools  in ModNation Racers are. Check out the video below, which includes the team rebuilding inFamous’ setting, Empire City.