BreakQuest “Minis” Giveaway [Update]

April 29, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Brick-breakers have been around since the dawn of video games. The simple yet fun-filled and addictive gameplay has always had a place in gamer’s hearts. Many variations have been released over the years, each one adding their own unique flair and flavor. Beatshapers, recently introduced a stylish brick-breaker game to Sony’s “Minis” platform entitled: BreakQuest.

We’re in a giving mood lately and lucky for you, so was Beatshapers, as they’ve provided us with a few vouchers to download the game.

We’re giving away 5 vouchers to download BreakQuest from the US PlayStation Store. Want one? All you have to do is comment below, telling us why you should be picked to receive a voucher to download BreakQuest. We’ll choose the most unique and enjoyable comments, so have fun and make sure to stand out. Comments will close at 6PM EST and winners will be emailed the codes to the email address they used to sign up to PlayStation LifeStyle.

Oh, and don’t forget, Beatshapers latest game, NormalTanks, will be available later today on the PlayStation Store. For more information about Beatshapers, BreakQuest and NormalTanks, please visit

[Update] Thanks for the fun comments! All of the codes have been sent out, so if you didn’t get one, better luck next time. The good news is, we’re giving away more stuff this week, so stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle.