SCEA ‘Electrifies’ inFamous 2 Website Domain

April 29, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Not only is inFamous one of the best PlayStation 3 games released in all of 2009, it was also one of the best ‘ comic book super hero’ inspired games ever released. Sucker Punch ended the game with one hell of a cliffhanger ending that had many a gamer, including myself, picking their jaw up off the floor. While I won’t spoil the ending for you here, the future for the inFamous series is ‘shockingly’ bright and I have some fantastic news for all of us inFamous fans.

As found on Superannuation, Sony Computer Entertainment or SCEA for short, has gone and registered INFAMOUS2THEGAME.COM!!! Here’s a more detailed account of the process.




care of Network Solutions

PO Box 459

Drums, PA.  US  18222


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:



care of Network Solutions

PO Box 459

Drums, PA 18222



Record expires on 27-Apr-2011.

Record created on 27-Apr-2010.

Domain servers in listed order:





The best part? E3 is less than two months away. Sony’s Megaton Press Conference is planned for June 15th, 11:30am at the Shine Auditorium. Could Sony turn the ‘lights on’ for inFamous 2? What else could they have up their sleeve?  Let the speculation begin!

Also, if you somehow missed out on the original inFamous, then I have even better news for you — it’s now only $30 NEW! The game features two 20 hour play-throughs, good and evil, plus an open-world consisting of three islands to explore for only $29.99. As Yoda would say, Steal, this is. Check out our Review if you need some convincing otherwise buy it ASAP!

[Special thanks to Kendrick for the tip!]