Bungie Doesn’t Fear the Beast that is the PS3

April 30, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

There’s no other way to say this, but there has been several major shakeups in the video game industry and weren’t not even halfway through 2010. First the downfall of Infinity Ward and from the ashes, Respawn Entertainment was born. Perhaps the most shocking announcement so far this year has to be Activision and Bungie coming together for a monumental 10-year exclusive publishing agreement for their next amazing multiplaform gaming franchise. Only one problem: The ONLY console that Bungie has worked on the past decade has been the Xbox/ Xbox 360. Have no fear my friends, as Bungie is ready to tackle the mighty beast known as the PS3.

Speaking with MCVUK, Bungie Community Manager Brian Jarrid was asked how the company was going to react to developing on the PS3 for the first time, seeing as hey they’ve spent over the past 10 years working on the competitions hardware. Brian isn’t worried as Bungie is looking forward to the mighty challenge.

Oh, sure – we’ve been Xbox exclusive for a long time. But it’s something where we have some of the best engineering folks in the industry on board who are already thinking hard about how our new game universe might manifest itself over various devices.

I know some of you might not give a flip about this deal, but believe me..it’s huge. Even though I’m a diehard PS3 fanboy, I’ve owned all three Halo titles and spent many hours with the awesome online multiplayer. I don’t see Bungie developing on the PS3 to be a bad thing and maybe, just maybe… Valve could learn a thing or two. Might just be a case of wishful thinking there. If Bungie can do it, so can Valve, damnit.

If you somehow missed the breaking news of Activision and Bungie coming together for the next 10-years, then check it out here. PlayStation LifeStyle will cover any and all details about this major announcement as they continue to be known.