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Sony Patents A New Way to Control the PSP

A recent SCEA patent has been revealed that allows for a new way to control the PSP. Nope, it isn’t motion controls, and sadly, it isn’t mind control, however it’s still pretty darn cool.

The patent, uncovered by Siliconera, shows a controller that appears to be similar to a Dualshock 3, that attaches to the PSP for dual analog play. The PSPgo already can connect to a Dualshock 3 via its bluetooth capabilities, but that’s not at all what this patent is showing. Instead the patent shows two designs. One, where the controller has a hinged housing at the top of it that would hold your PSP. The other shows a controller with a recessed area in the top of the controller, that the PSP would slide into like a glove.

My gut tells me we won’t ever see these ideas turned into products, but it’s still interesting to see that Sony is always trying new ideas. Take a look at the images accompanying the patent below. Click thumbnail for full size.