Sony Testing PlayStation Controller That Charges and Pairs Earbuds

Sony Testing PlayStation Controller That Charges and Pairs Earbuds

Sony Interactive Entertainment is toying with the idea of a PlayStation controller that can store, charge, and pair earbuds, if a recently published patent application is anything to go by. Illustrations provided by Sony appear to show earbuds storage and charging system roughly where the DualSense‘s touchpad is located.

New PlayStation controller patent comes as Sony gears up to launch Pulse Explore earbuds

The patent application titled ‘Integrated Headset Controller Storage and Connection’ was spotted and mentioned by GameRant last week but retrieved by PlayStation LifeStyle directly from the USPTO’s website this morning. It was filed on April 2022 and published last Thursday, October 12. In its filing, Sony rationalizes having a one-stop pairing and charging solution by pointing out that players are being increasingly “burdened” by an influx of input/output devices.

According to Sony, as more and more input/output devices are released in the market, players may find it more convenient and less time-consuming to manage devices if they have a system — in this case, a PlayStation controller — with a single pairing and charging port. “As portability and gaming anywhere becomes more and more mainstream and important, the audio experience also becomes equally important,” the patent reads.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Patents don’t always come to fruition, but this could be quite useful if it becomes a reality. Back in May, Sony announced its first official wireless earbuds offering lossless audio on PS5 and PC. A release date has yet to be announced.