Luke! Use the PlayStation Move Controller!

For every Star Wars fan, there was always that one game you dreamed of playing. That one game that would be perfect… that one game is… a lightsaber duel game! No, no…I’m not talking about that pathetic excuse of a game for the Wii, Clone Wars: LightSabers Duels which pretty much took advantage of the massive Star Wars fanbase wanting to relive their favorite Star Wars moments, by having you waste $50 on a horrid game. I’m talking about a 1:1 motion tracking title using the PlayStation Move controller, with 720P HD graphics, featuring the likeness of Luke, Anakin, and Darth Vader in non-anime wannabe fashion. If LucasArts‘ CEO isn’t pulling our lightsabers, then that game could very well be a reality sooner than you think…

MCV used the force to try and convince LucasArts’ CEO, Darrell Rodriguez to just go ahead and admit it, but the force is strong with this one.

I’m very excited by the new interfaces, either Natal, Move or iPad. It’s something we’re definitely watching and we will consider in the future. The regular suggestion of a lightsaber game is one of the reasons why we are excited about it – but we’ll keep looking at it and see what we can do. No commitment to talk about now, though.

Hmmm, E3 takes place in less than two months in Los Angeles. Motion controlled games are going to be a major focus of both Sony and Microsoft’s conferences and booths. We don’t want to get our hopes up too much and assume, because we all know how badly that can end. But hey, you never know…Anakin vs Obi-Wan over the lava planet of Mustafar in HD with pinpoint accuracy?? *drools*

I suppose while we wait we could get hyped-up for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. Would you look at that, I even included the reveal trailer for it. Now excuse me while I go watch Star Wars on DVD…