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LucasArts Admits The Force Wasn’t With Their PS3 Development Skills

Here we go again, folks. Game developers, both big and small, have complained over the years about the difficulty of developing for our favorite console of choice, THE PlayStation 3. The latest to admit this? None other than LucasArts, Masters of the Star Wars realm.

Boba Fett Strikes Back in The Force Unleashed II

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II hits on October 26th in both a Standard edition OR you can get the Special Edition for all of us Fanboys out there. Either way, StarKiller will get his revenge this Fall.

Star Wars: The Wookies Unleashed Could Have Been a Reality

Even though it was plagued by clumsy platforming and somewhat repetitive gameplay, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed quickly became the fastest-selling LucasArts and Star Wars title of all time, selling a million copies in the first month and over 7 million in total. Thanks to some recent behind the scenes information unveiled, The Force Unleashed could have been a vastly different game if not for George Lucas of all people turning down a seriously ‘wookie’ pitch. Hey, he had to make up for Jar Jar Binks sometime.

Luke! Use the PlayStation Move Controller!

Every Star Wars fan’s dream of a quality lightsaber game just might be coming true sooner than you can imagine..

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Star Wars Unleashes Dominating Sales Force

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Star Wars Trophies Have Been Unleashed

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Become the Ultimate Sith with The Force Unleashed

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Little Big Planet Slaps the Competition at the AIAS Awards

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