Boba Fett Strikes Back in The Force Unleashed II

At the end of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Starkiller’s ‘death’ helped formed the Rebel Alliance that ultimately goes on to overtake the Empire and bring peace back to the galaxy. If you’ve seen the ‘Awesometastic’ Force Unleashed II trailers, you know that StarKiller is back and wants revenge for what has happened. Seeing as how the game takes place between Episode III and IV, it makes sense that one of the most popular Bounty Hunters and Star Wars characters to date, is going to have a major role in the game. Oh yes… the man, the myth, the bounty hunter, Boba Fett is out to do Vader’s bidding in The Force Unleashed II and StarKiller isn’t going to like what he does either. It’s Official: TFU II has become that much more epic!

Haden Blackman, writer and producer for both games, revealed to USA Today’s Game Hunters that the franchises most popular bounty hunter ever is going to make Starkiller’s life a living hell — Fett has captured Juno Eclipse by order of Lord Vader. However, Haden didn’t want to throw ‘The Fett’ in there just to please the fans, he wanted to do it right.

We didn’t want to just throw Boba Fett or other characters in the game just for the sake of making a fan appearance. But it really made sense for (Vader) to hire Boba Fett.

Even though Boba Fett has only a handful of lines in the entire series, he has always been and will always be one of the most popular Star Wars characters ever and Haden even commented on why he thinks that is.

He’s one of those characters that really resonates with fans. That cool masked man (with) all the gadgets, he’s a bounty hunter, which has got to be a life of adventure and danger. … Fans just want more stories about him.

Even though Blackman stats that Boba Fett has a “small but pivotal role” in TFU II, it doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be a boss battle at some point during the game. After all, if someone kidnapped the love of your life, you might want a little bit of revenge, no?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II hits on October 26th in the Standard edition OR you can get the Special Edition for all of us Fanboys out there. Either way, StarKiller will get his revenge this Fall.