PSN Version of Final Fantasy IX is Complete

May 2, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII have already made it to the PlayStation Store and have seen solid, steady sales for a number of weeks now. However, another in-demand title is fan-favorite that many want to see re-released onto the PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic is Final Fantasy IX. Square Enix have reassured fans on several occasions that the game will indeed arrive onto the PlayStation Store, and it looks like they’re sticking to their promise.

The development of the PlayStation Network version of Final Fantasy IX has been completed according to Square Enix’s producer, Shinji Hashimoto. The news should come as a relief to the epic RPG series’ fans as the PlayStation classic has long been missing from the PlayStation Store.

The PSN version of the RPG has yet progressed through Sony’s testing phase. However, Hashimoto stated that he will update fans once a Japanese public holiday is over – which means any news from Hashimoto should come next week.