Bungie Might Be Shooting an RPG to the PlayStation 3

Bungie’s recent deal with Activision has left many gamers in shock for the past week. While many have been shocked that Activision of all publishers signed the deal, even more have been shocked that Bungie will be bringing their titles to the PlayStation 3 console from here on out. However, their next title might not be anything like Halo and a recent job listing suggests such.

Bungie’s updated job listing includes a position for Writing Lead on their upcoming project. The interesting thing is that within the details listed under the requirements, the site states the following:

Minimum 5 years game industry experience or two, shipped AAA games; branching or non-linear narrative experience a plus

Considering Halo is a highly-linear first-person shooter title coupled with the fact that Bungie have been sitting under one genre for several years, it is reasonable to suggest that Bungie may be creating an RPG or non-linear Action title. Several sites including VG247 and GameSpot are already guessing that the project will be an action RPG that will be unlike anything we’ve seen from Bungie. Whatever the game may be, it’ll be exciting to see what the talented developers over at Bungie can put together on the powerful PlayStation 3 hardware.