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Sony Gives Gamers the Chance to Attend E3

May 6, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

Let’s face it, if you’re a gamer, then there’s probably no other place that you would rather be come mid-June than the Electronics and Entertainment Expo a.k.a. E3 in Los Angelas, California to try out the latest and greatest games that the industry has to offer before anyone does, it’s practically our Graceland! Well, Sony is now giving gamers, and Kevin Butler fans alike, the chance to win a trip to this epic event, and all you need is a little creativity.

The guidelines for entering are as follows:

  • Each video should begin with the phrase “Dear PlayStation”
  • Include your take on Kevin Butler’s ever-changing title
  • Make sure you include your own name and title (e.g., John Smith, Desperate Fan)
  • Keep your submissions brief and to the point (30 seconds or less)
  • Videos can be about anything PlayStation related
  • All content must be original—no copyrighted music, video, pictures, etc.
  • Don’t film Kevin’s response
  • Need some inspiration? Check out the television commercials here

Three lucky winners will receive airfare to Los Angeles, entry to E3 (June 15, 16, 17), three nights hotel accommodations and per diem.

Now that sounds like a pretty sweet prize. Now there are, of course, a few stipulations. You have to be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older and a PlayStation network member, which should be a given. All submissions must be in by May 16th, which means you have a good 2 weeks to come up with a masterpiece, so get those videos out there ASAP!

Those who plan to enter need only follow the submission process below:

Submission Guidelines:

When you’re through with your masterpiece, here’s how you submit it:

  • Don’t send us your video file
  • Do submit your video file to your favorite social media site
  • Email us that link and your current contact information (including phone number) to: [email protected]

So,whether you plan on entering or not, if you could come up with one VP title for yourself, what would it be? And if you do plan on entering, be sure to share your link in the comments and let us join in on the fun!